Tube Type Flow MeterFM800 Acrylic Molded Flow meterLiter MeterRotameterOxygen Flow MeterLevel Switch (Sensor)Vacuum BottlePlastic Molding InjectionMold Development
Tube Type Flow Meter
FM800 Acrylic Molded Flow meter
Liter Meter
Oxygen Flow Meter
Level Switch (Sensor)
Vacuum Bottle
Plastic Molding Injection
Mold Development

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A POWER INST., INC. was established on APRIL 2011. A POWER is a professional flow meter and measuring instrument developer & manufacturer, especially manufacturing custom-made products. A POWER believes in the quality and reliability of its products, as well as being responsive to its customers' needs worldwide.

We use state of the art technologies to provide OEM/ODM application in many kinds of industry area. We are uniquely positioned to offer contract manufacture services by virtue of our experience, precision manufacturing procedures and processes.


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